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Madifastpants Tattoos

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Pro athlete and vegan influencer, @MadiFastPants has designed the cutest vegan/plant powered temporary tattoos.

They are temporary fashion tattoos for Vegans or Vegetarians and people who are looking to share the message of love and kindness to animals. I designed them and I personally have always worn temporary tattoos. Whether its racing or going out or on the beach they are a great accessory to whatever you are wearing.

They come in single packs with a variety of designs. I wanted to do something that people could wear as an accessory and change it up. To festivals, races, out and about, really any where. They are great quality and also include two tattoo remover pads in each pack.

  • Simple application and removal instructions printed on the back of each tattoo card
  • Premium foil and adhesive lasts 4-6 days (on average) with proper care

Limited quantities. Get them before they're gone!

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